Learn how to crochet a hat in no time at all! Crochet a speedy, basic beanie with Jess Coppom from Make & Do Crew. This crochet project is super beginner friendly and uses a chunky weight yarn to make this quick and easy crochet pattern, wonderful for the winter weather! Follow along with the video or the step-by-step instructions to give this project a go.


You can make this pattern in 3 sizes: A small (teen), medium (most adults), large (for larger heads) but it can be easily adapted to any size you would like!

How to crochet a hat step-by-step


Tie a slip knot and insert your hook into this loop. Chain 37 stitches.

crochet chain stitch row


Row 1: Work a double crochet into each of the chains. Chain 3 and turn your work.

treble crochet


Row 2: Double crochet into the back loop of each of your stitches to create the ribbed look

treble crochet into back loop


Repeat these 2 rows until you’ve worked a total of 18(20,22) rows (depending on the size of your head!) 

flat lay of crocheted square with long yarn tail ready to sew

Pro Tip

Work in multiples of two so that you finish on an even number of rows. You can also reduce the number of chains you crochet the start so it’s shorter or less rows to make it more snug. 


Fasten off your working yarn and leave a tail that is long enough to seam the hat together. Fold your crocheted fabric inwards so that your first and last rows are meeting in the middle. Turn the fabric so the yarn tail is on the side of your dominant hand.

step 5


Stitch the sides together working across the seam, weaving through opposite stitches for a neat edge. 

sewing together crochet hat seam


To cinch the top of the hat together, work a running stitch all the way around the circumference of the hat until you’re back where you started. 

step 7


Now, pull your yarn like a drawstring to close this hole. Use the last of the tail on your needle to close up any gaps left at the top of the hat. 

darning needle sewing together the top of the crochet hat


Finally, attach the pom-pom to your hat and you’re good to go!

sew Pom Pom to crocheted beanie

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