5 habits of highly successful knitters

Published on August 2, 2015 2 min read

Scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest, you wonder: ”How do their projects always turn out so beautiful? What’s their secret?” We’re here to shed some light on the subject: here are some habits of successful knitters. 

1. They limit their WIPs

We know this one isn’t fun – casting on a new project is exciting, inspires creativity, and leads the charge towards a new finished object. Some of us (LoveKnitting team members included!) have a tendency to cast on more projects than we have the time or energy for. If you’re choosing your next WIP based on the one set of needles you have available, you might want to scale back. Successful knitters limit themselves to a number of projects they can handle, and make themselves complete one before starting another.

2. Frogging it out. Yes, you heard me.

It might be easy to ignore that tiny hole you just made, or that small error in the lace chart, but I promise, it’s not worth it. If you knowingly leave a mistake in a project you’ve been working hard on, that’s all you’ll ever see. Take the time to rip it back and re-knit, it’s worth your time to take pride in your work. (Some aren’t bothered by small errors in their work, and that’s fine! To each their own – but if you’re the sort of person to dwell on a mistake, fix it before you cast off.)

3. They take notes

At the end of a long night of knitting, when your eyelids are starting to feel heavy, make a note of where you were in the pattern with our handy iOS App! Too often, I will think that it will be obvious where I left off in the morning, only to wake up and have no idea if I was on row 13 or 15! Take notes. Do it. You can find the FREE LoveKnitting app on the Apple Store.

4. Learn something new every day

Learning something new about knitting doesn’t have to be a scary endeavor – it can be as easy as reading about knots in your yarn! Some knitters swear by the 1% rule: 15 minutes spent learning something new is only 1% of your day, so why not spend that 1% wisely?

5. Have a knitting tool kit

Highly successful knitters have a tool kit that contains everything they need for a project. Point protectors, stitch markers, stitch holders, measuring tape, and more – don’t get frustrated when you don’t have an accessory you need, be prepared! (Don’t forget your scissors!)

Clover Knitting Accessory Set

Clover Knitting Accessory Set

By Clover

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