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Tony, the pocket monster

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Tony, the pocket monster
4,41 €

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Finished size: approximately 20.5” (52cm) wide and 70” (177cm) tall including the legs and the hanging straps.

Yarn: You will need for this size pocket monster about 970g (2lb and 2oz) of cotton yarn. I have used Sugar and Cream or Peaches and Crème cotton yarn. The yardage for these brands is 109m (120yards) per 70.9g (2.5oz) and 111.6m (122yards) per 70.9g (2.5oz).
The colors used for this pattern are:
Leaf Green, Kiwi, Hot Green, Robbin’s Egg, Hot Blue, Blueberry, Lite Blue, Hot Purple, Hot Pink, Wine, Red, Country Red, Rose Pink, Hot Orange, Gold, Yellow, Lemon, Cream. For each color I used one ball, except for Cream and Leaf green (I used less than two balls).
Also you will need white yarn, blue (or whichever color you prefer) and black yarn for the eyes, and red yarn for the lips.
5 buttons, and fabric for backing (recommended)

It is possible to knit your own version of the monster, in color of your choice, and to fit the space you have available.

Stana D. Sortor
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