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LoveCrafts, a global community for makers

Crafting is so much more than making! It's the connection between like-minded souls, it’s learning new skills and sharing your passion. It's that fuzzy feeling from making something with your own hands. It’s pure joy. And it’s the reason LoveCrafts exists.

The making of LoveCrafts

LoveCrafts began way back in 2012. First came LoveKnitting, and we loved it so much we created another yarny home, LoveCrochet, in 2015. Today, LoveCrafts is home to a wonderful community of happy crafters all around the world. Knitters, crocheters, sewists, scrapbookers, quilters, embroiders, and our little-bit-of-everything hobbyists, all united by the joy of making.

We believe the joy of making is for everyone, from every culture and community. We may all be in different places, but as we like to say, together we make."

Take a trip back to 2012, and three big dreamers, Edward, Cherry and Nigel, had an idea. After seeing the makers in their lives struggle to find all their craft inspiration and materials in one place, they decided to change this. They set out to build a shiny new online home for makers - a place for crafters to feel inspired, connected, and find every little thing they need. LoveCrafts was born.

First came LoveKnitting, our first, by no means only, love. The following year, we had a UK warehouse, some brave suppliers and a few more dreamers. By 2014, we had a US warehouse, customers in 97 countries, a designer patterns marketplace with 33k patterns, a new London office, and 50 people. Fast-forward to 2015 LoveCrafts had launched in Germany and ventured into new craft territory with LoveCrochet, and after that, we opened a 50 person office in Ukraine and a satellite office in New York.

In the summer of 2019, we joined our family of crafts, LoveKnitting and LoveCrochet, together under one roof - LoveCrafts. We know so many of you knitters and crocheters love to do more than one craft, so we thought it was about time to combine all our crafting love into one cosy craft room -

We’re growing like super chunky yarn on giant knitting needles, and we’re not slowing down.

Dream in crafts

Knitting yarn, patterns, needles, crochet accessories, embroidery patterns, quilting fabrics, and craft kits, you name it, you'll find it. You can shop all the craft materials you need to start your next project. We ship worldwide (yippee!) and have dedicated websites for the UK, US, and Germany. Plus, our friendly customer service team, Smiles, are on hand to make your experience smooth and smiley every make of the way!

But crafting is much more than gathering your materials, it's dreaming of your next project, it's making something with your own hands, it's pure joy. With over 50,000 yarns and 100,000 patterns to choose from, you’ll never run out of inspiration! But sometimes we know choosing your next project can feel a tad daunting. That's why we have a serious amount of how-tos and awesome guides, so you can find inspiration for every part of your crafting adventure. It’s time to feel inspired, makers!

Some live in the moment. Here at LoveCrafts, we make in the moment."

Share your makes

Join our Communities, share your projects and be inspired by other crafters. You can create your own collections of products, patterns, ideas and favourite designers. Keep your own library of projects - online or in our App for crafting on the go! The LoveCrafts community is growing every day, and no matter where you are, we’re always right here with you.