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To Grandmas House Adult Version

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3,39 €
To Grandmas House Adult Version
3,39 €

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Every sweet Red Riding Hood has a big, bad wolf hiding inside. This reversible caplet appeals to the gentle, whimsical girl as well as the adventurous spirit who’d rather to bare her ferocious teeth. And who says you can’t be both? There is nothing more fun than living a fairytale to its fullest.

Find the Child's version here!

Note: *The gauge for this garment is for a single strand of yarn,not with yarn doubled. The result should be a lightweight fabric that is *not open. The fabric is intended to be light so that when folded in half, it maintains drape. If you are not using the recommended yarn, or if your fabric is too open, consider going down a needle size, or 2 and knitting the next size up.

*Note: *The sample shown is size XS on a model who is a size M. If knit per your normal size, the cape will provide more coverage in the front and will have more ease overall in the cape portion itself.

The sample was knit in Swans Island Organic Washable DK. A substitute yarn is shown below.


Melissa Schaschwary
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