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Teddy for tots

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3,93 €
Teddy for tots
3,93 €

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This bib works up fairly quickly, for a double knitting project. It’s reversible, so you can flip it for the next feeding if the first side gets food on it. It’s double-thick, so it’s extra-absorbent. It fits on over baby’s head, so it’s hard for wee ones to take it off themselves. And of course, it’s very cute.

Best of all, all profits from sales of this pattern are donated to the Hospital for Sick Children (aka “Sick Kids”) in Toronto, Canada (, which is one of the world’s leading pediatric health care institutions. It has helped children all over the world with its groundbreaking research and care. My family in particular has benefitted from this marvellous hospital numerous times, and I’m delighted to be able to give back to this worthy cause. Thank you so much for your support!

Kathleen Sperling
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- 2 stitch holders - spare length of yarn about 8” long
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