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Tea Rose Spa Set

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4,40 €
Tea Rose Spa Set
4,40 €

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The Tea Rose Spa Set is designed to pamper and invigorate the skin, body, mind, and spirit. This collection of reusable, eco-friendly skin care essentials and spa tools includes a crochet face scrubby (make up remover pad), bath pouf, soap saver pouch, and facial washcloth. All designs are quick, easy, and suitable for beginners. All items are worked in one piece (no sewing)!

The face scrubby includes a special puff stitch worked in the round, and can be crocheted in 15 min! It can be a great cotton yarn stash buster. The bath pouf (“loofah”) is very quick to work up as well (45 min). The mesh soap saver pouch (soap holder bag) has a drawstring, it fits a standard bar of soap, and takes only 30 min. The facial washcloth can be whipped up in an hour and features the beautiful Suzette stitch!

This gift set is perfect as a Mother’s Day gift, birthday gift, teacher gift, retirement gift, or even an appreciation “thank you” gift for anyone that could use some pampering and self-care!

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