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Persian Curled Toe Slippers

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Persian Curled Toe Slippers
6,12 €

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A playful take on traditional Persian slippers. While I was very tempted to make them more traditional - coming in to a point at the front opening too, embroidered, and with soles for outdoor use; in the end I settled somewhere in between Persian shoes and American slippers. Knit in the round from the top down, these slippers use short rows to shape the foot and create the curled toe. Yes - the way it is shaped causes the toe to spring up like that. No wire or fancy blocking needed!

These are worked at a tighter than usual gauge for durability, and that is why the needle size is so small. Tight knitters will use a much larger size, but if you are a loose knitter, expect to need very small needle considering the yarn weight!

The pattern is written out line by line and charted - use the one you prefer.

These slippers were originally knit in MadelineTosh 80/10/10 worsted yarn. Almost any smooth worsted weight yarn will be a suitable replacement.

Jenise Hope
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