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Happy Talk

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Happy Talk
6,12 €

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Endlessly adaptable Happy Talk can be as large or small as you want in a fuzzy yarn and almost any fingering weight; these two yarns that are worked separately for the body and together for the border. The pattern is written so it is simple to make your shawl exactly the size you want.

Happy Talk is the perfect pattern to allow you to change it up and knit it differently to suit your mood; swap your kidsilk for a contrasting yarn or a heavier fuzzy (such as Handmaiden Maidenhair/Lichtfaden Silk Halo/Fyberspates Faery Wings) and use either Yarn A or B for the border. Work a gradient for Yarn A for a different look, knit it huge with extra repeats of the main body to wrap yourself in a cloud of love. Knit as written for a light and airy shawl/scarf or reduce the number of body repeats and create a lovely little shoulder cover for those cool evenings or air-conditioned rooms. The possibilities are endless!

Boo Knits
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You will need to purchase both fingering weight and fuzzy yarn to work this pattern. It adaptable in size. this will affect yardage requirements.
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