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Friendship Healing, Shawl

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Par Mary T
Friendship Healing, Shawl

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My Mother recently died. I was grieving. I stopped knitting. I wouldn’t have thought there would be anything that would make me stop knitting. This surprised me, but I just let it be. My friends, after a while, bought me a gorgeous skein of yarn to remind me I wasn’t alone and to inspire me. I stared at the yarn for a few days; and then wound it. The right size needles just happen to be at hand, so I picked up the yarn, and just started knitting a stitch pattern that I had memorized. Before I knew it the shawl was done. It was “Friendship Healing.”

This is a single skein shawl. The yardage on the skein was 438 yds and I had 4 1/2 yds left. Close call. I did use Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off. Love this bind off, especially for shawls. You can find instructions for this bind off in the online magazine Knitty

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Mary Triplett
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