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Finsbury Park Sweater

Downloadable PDF, Anglais, Français, Allemand
9,17 €
Finsbury Park Sweater
9,17 €

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English p1-5, Francais p6-11, Deutsch p12-17

A relaxed sweater for wearing whenever, wherever. I designed this sweater for my husband, and now I rarely see him in anything else at the weekends... I think that means he likes it, but I asked him why he's wearing it so much. He told me it was smart, but not too smart, it fitted well and it was super comfortable. Sounds like we're both happy. These are the key features that make this sweater work:The deep textured panel adds visual interest and draws attention to the upper body. The sleeves are shaped for a comfortable and neat finish. The neckline is slightly loose to make sure the sweater isn't constraining. The sweater is seamed to give structure and a great fit at the shoulders and armhole. Heavy worsted or aran weight yarn can be used. The pattern has been fully tech edited and tested. All measurements are given in imperial and in metric. The instructions are fully written out, and there is an additional chart for the textured stitch.

Jane Howorth
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Anglais, Français, Allemand
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