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Fairy Dust Mosaic

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13,68 €
Fairy Dust Mosaic
13,68 €

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Fairy Dust was designed as an 8-part CAL, worked using overlay mosaic crochet, and finished off with a beautiful envelope border. It does not require any slanted stitches, nor mid-row colour changes, making it ideal for all levels of expertise, includingbeginners to mosaic crochet.

If you are unfamiliar with mosaic crochet or the envelope border, don’t worry, they are much easier to do than they look, and step by step instructions are given.You will only be using 1 colour for each row.

The pattern is written for a single size (197 sts x 240 rows).

You can easily combine Fairy Dust with any of my other 48-stitch repeat mosaic crochet designs, including Woodland Trail, Flora’s Fauna and Letitia’s Garden.

Supporting videos for the gauge swatch, chart 2 (door handles) and the border will also be provided on my RosinaCrochets YouTube channel.

This listing is for the complete pattern, but if you would rather join in with the CAL, which runs until 2 August 2024, please visit my Ravelry store.

Rosina Plane
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