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Close To You

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Close To You

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One day, while I was planning my trip to a yarn festival, my husband asked me to get him some undyed yarn while there. "Hope he doesn't destroy it", I thought. You know... all that money could be spent at some booth with pretty skeins. I did get him the yarn in the end. And he started studying a lot about acid dyes and temperature, and pH levels (he's a nerd!)... and then he showed me his creations.

I immediately fell in love and was slightly shocked to see that my own husband can dye yarn. Soon the flat became flooded with colorful skeins and he created his own Martin’s Lab Yarn.  (How cool is that?)

“Why are you doing that?”, I asked.  “To be close to you”, he replied.

…and this is how this shawl was born.

Designed to use just one skein (or more, it’s easy to adjust) of any gorgeous handpainted yarn to make a shawlette for someone who’s close to you too!

Yarn  1 skein of Bouncy Merino by Martin’s Lab (100% high twist merino; 366m/399y per 100g). Shown in colorway Montezuma.

Justyna Lorkowska
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Tchèque, Anglais, Français, Italien, Polonais, Espagnol
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