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Burdock Bunny

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Burdock Bunny
3,82 €

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Meet Burdock Bunny. He's a very cuddly bunny design especially for the lovely super chunky faux fur yarns or chunky chenille yarns. I have listed the yarn brands on the pattern but I would suggest Sirdar Alpine; James C Brett Chinchilla or Scheepje's Furry Tales. Chenilles I have tried are James C Brett Flutterby and Cygnet Chenille Chunky, there are other yarns around the world of course. Burdock is knitted flat on 2 knitting needles. His feet (large feet), legs, and body are knitted as one piece, head, ears, arms, and tail are knitted separately and sewn in place. I have included markers for hip joint seam, eyes and ear placements. Burdock Bunny measures approximately 14 inches/35cms from head to toe or 10 inches/25cms sitting. A perfect bunny for a child’s best friend. As always I have included a very detailed making up guide to help you create a perfect Burdock Bunny for someone to love.

Pat Alinejad Gypsycream
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15mm toy safety eyes
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