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Block Mittens

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6,12 €
Block Mittens
6,12 €

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Ready for a knitting challenge? Want to mix up your self striping yarn? These are fun and much easier than they look.

The instructions are written out line by line with all the numbers, or you can use the loose instructions to knit your own pair using a different gauge altogether. Because of the unique order of construction, Block can be custom fitted as-you-go. No need to calculate all the picky numbers and do endless math before you cast on. Feel free to “cheat” by casting on and knitting the first rows. Take your gauge from what you have, plug the numbers (ie, stitches to an inch, rows to an inch) into the provided equation to double check that it will square out, and keep going. That’s all the math you need! Lots of schematics to show how it works - otherwise this might be tricky the first time you try! Use either a solid yarn, a self striping/hand dyed, or try two colors for the “block stripe”. The mittens use one skein of either Malabrigo Rios or Malabrigo Worsted.

Jenise Hope
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