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Around the Walchensee Hat

Downloadable PDF, Anglais, Allemand
Par Tanja L Image de profil
7,17 €
Around the Walchensee Hat
7,17 €

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Walchensee is a beautiful lake in Bavaria where my husband and I spent one of our first vacations together. When I found a yarn named after the lake, I had to get it and find an especially beautiful stitch pattern for it. Around theWalchensee Hat features a cute stitch pattern that is very easy to work. You will know it by heart in no time and can always easily see where you left off, but there is enough going on for it not to be boring and keep you engaged. It works great with colorful fingering weight yarns that are so hard to find good patterns for if miles and miles of stockinette drive you crazy.

Tanja Luescher
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Anglais, Allemand
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