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Always, Hedwig

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Always, Hedwig
7,79 €

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It always seems so cruel that come Monday, we have to leave our fandoms and magical inclinations behind as we don our acceptable adulting robes of the real world. But do we? Nothing makes my heart sing for glee quite as much as a cleverly disguised yarn colorway (in particular when they have simply magical names as well!) that reminds me of my favorite fandoms and guilty pleasures! What could be more magical and mysterious than yarn crafted to invoke the world of Harry Potter? (Brew City Yarns has even taken it a step further and carefully crafted sets that are the perfect House colors, so go ahead, represent your house proudly!). If you need just a little pick me up to get your Monday started, or perhaps you need something to make your Friday more fun, than you can definitely count on Hedwig to bring the magic in this fun skirt!

Jessica Anderson
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