Olga Kudrjavceva
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map-pin Vilniaus, Lithuania

Thank you for reading my profile.
My name is Olga, I live in Lithuania.
I like crochet and knitting. I learned from my grandma-my how to crochet and knitting when I was a little girl 7 yrs old. Since then I start making crochet doll for girls, hats, gloves...
My family and friends like what I do, for that I’m here to share it with you.
Good luck and hope you find what you are looking for.

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  • Knitting5 Skills

    Knitting: Over 20 years

    5 Skills

    • Cast on & bind off
    • Lace Work
    • I-cord
    • Double knitting
    • Short rows
  • Crochet8 Skills

    Crochet: Over 20 years

    8 Skills

    • Chain
    • Slip stitch
    • Single crochet
    • Magic Ring
    • Colorwork
    • Lace Crochet
    • Treble crochet
    • Working in the round
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