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Hi there…I am an independent knitwear designer and sell my knitting patterns here on Loveknitting. I studied knitwear design at Art School and graduated with a Degree in Fashion & Textiles. I freelanced in London design studios for the first 15 years of my career. During this time I was fortunate to have the opportunity to design with many yarn types, colour palettes and fashion looks for men, women and children. In 2009 I started selling PDF knitting patterns of my designs, and currently have 4 knitting pattern collections: Little Pickle Knits, Rocket Clothing London, Jessica Rose Hand Knits and Pure Hand Knits. I am also the designer behind the Little Rowan baby book 'Cherish' and the Little Rowan girls book 'Blossom' Both were published in 2016.
You can see all 4 of my knitting pattern collections here on Loveknitting via this link

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