Zebra afghan

I made this for Our home

Created by: Diane T

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    My first project, decades ago: A sweater with cables everywhere! There’s nothing quite like your fearless teen years. Fast forward 4 decades; I’d long ago given up knitting.

    One day my husband told me the doctor found a spot in his lung and he needed surgery. But first, he’d have to quit smoking. We were heavy smokers, but we quit cold turkey. I knit on an afghan when I wanted to smoke. We got great news–it wasn’t a cancer growing. But knitting had started growing within me.

    My creations aren’t projects–they’re memories. Each one tells a story. This Zebra Afghan I knit while recovering from knee replacement–it took my mind off my pain. The stop smoking afghan that I’ve washed a million times–like the memories made while I knit it, and the good health we both achieved during that time, the afghan is indestructible. I’m not as fearless as I was when I knit that sweater 50 years ago. I’m wiser. Happier. And in so many ways, a whole lot healthier.


    Zebra Afghan

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    Started on: Jul 2, 2007 Finished on: Aug 1, 2007
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