Patchwork Baby Blanket

I made this for My baby grandson

Created by: Janis L

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    The fog first came down on me in April 1990. Brain fog, that is. With intractable headaches, muscle pain, and everyday the feeling that I was going down with 'flu. I'd succumbed to ME/CFS and gradually slid into a lonely, isolated world where I couldn't think or communicate properly....let alone do anything useful.
    The joy of knitting began to knit me back into the world again when I realised MUSCLE MEMORY is separate and unaffected by the fog at the front of my brain! From 2009 I have knitted patchwork blankets for each of my 6 grandchildren, comfortably using lightwight bamboo circular needles so my muscles aren't taxed. This project is my latest. The colours, textures and joy of being productive for my family have lifted my mood and transformed my life. Simple knitting patterns and blogs have got me reading again and now I'm knitted into a worldwide community. Knitting may not have cured ME/CFS but its relieved my pain and restored my personhood. I'm fully alive again!


    Lois Daykin's 'baby knits': 'cushion and blanket' published by Rowan 2007

    This pattern is from:
    Baby Knits (Published by Rowan) — Lois Daykin, 2007-01

    Needles & Hooks

    • Circular 5.00mm (US 8) 80cm


    • Stitch Markers
    • Tapestry Needle
    Other : Black and white fleece tops with needle felting kit.....used this to replace the intarsia motiifs (which were too tiring for my ME brain) with a simple lamb motif on the centre square.
    Comfy chair and Foyles War on tv.....1940's knitting inspiration


    Notes: I made the blanket 3 squares wide and 3 squares deep. I omitted the outer border to make it simple. I omitted the intarsia work....too taxing for my brain. Instead, I needle felted a lamb onto the central square. I used 5mm needles insread of 4mm.

    I have knitted 6 more squares to extend the blankets later in the year when I have more energy.



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    difficulty Intermediate


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    Started on: Jan 4, 2016 Finished on: Apr 1, 2016
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