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I made this for a variety of people

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    A small selection of oddments I have knitted for people.
    1. A Sunflower; 2. Poppy; 3. Daisy. These were knitted for a work colleague who asked for them.
    4. Egg Cosies. Again a work colleague asked for these.
    5. Hen jackets. I saw an article about battery chickens when rescued had no feathers and were asking for knitted jackets! So I responded, this is just 2 of them. All from my stash.
    6. Dolls Clothes. Purely for me when I have nothing to knit I knit for these dolls. I have four altogther, these two, one bigger and one smaller.
    7. Hot water bottle cover. Knitted for my step granddaughter who asked for this. Comes in a kit form with the head in with the kit.
    8. Scarf for my grandson. Same kit as above.
    9. Octopuses. Not sure if that is the plural for Octopus!!! Knitted these for the neo natal ward at local hospital as they say these are good for premature babies with something to hold on to. Reminds them of the umbilical cord.
    10. Cat coat. For a work colleague.


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    • Alison B


      Wow what beautiful knitting, your a lovely friend to have around, to do all this wonderful knitting, I love the hen jackets and the cat coat, they are just adorable. The flowers are lovely too, you are a beautiful knitted and it shows in your work 😊