Doll's dress and jacket

I made this for my granddaughters

Created by: Judy M

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    My granddaughter requested a 'multi-coloured dress' for her doll. I browsed the patterns but there was nothing that appealed so I made up my own simple patterns for both garments. The dress was made in 2 pieces, in a pinafore style as I thought that would be easy to take on and off the doll. I made the jacket in one piece, starting at the back rib border, then adding for sleeves, dividing for the neck and finishing the fronts off separately. I did crochet edging to the skirt of the dress and for the front borders and round the neck of the jacket, rather than pick up stitches later. The crachet gave a nice decorative effect too.


    Notes: I made the items to fit an 18inch doll, though I only had a 16 inch high doll at home to work with, so just made them a bit big for her!


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