Cozy Shawl

I made this for a dear friend who needed a warm hug

Created by: Tika Knits

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    This was a difficult year for many folks. My friend was one, and I wanted to make a special shawl to give her a "hug" from me whenever she wore it. She showed me a shawl she had once tried to crochet (I know crochet basics, but am a better knitter), and I used it as the inspiration for a cozy shawl. I decided it would be a top-down knit using a tab start. The test-knit looks pretty good. I will be knitting it up over the next few days and will upload pics when it is done! It is fairly simple, the tab start is the only tricky part that might challenge a beginner - so I say anyone can make one of these! #FestiveProjects


    • material-yarn
      Red Heart Stellar - Quark 5.0 balls

    Needles & Hooks

    • Circular 10.00mm (US 15) 60cm


    • Stitch Markers
    Other : I will likely make a pretty shawl pin to go with this using some lovely beads!


    Notes: I took some quick measurements of my friend's back to give me an idea for sizing. She is petite, so a custom fit was the best approach!



    craft-knitting Knitting

    Skill Level

    difficulty Beginner


    project-state In progress
    Started on: Sep 25, 2016
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