Bright cardigan for 18-month old

Created by: Christine L

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    I'm working my way through some yarn that I received as a Christmas gift. The good thing about gift yarn is that unexpected colors show up. I think these colors look sort of Southwestern. For sure, the colors are a departure from traditional (and lovely) petal pink and mint green for baby things. The yarn is cascade heritage 150 (discontinued now). It is my own pattern. I had no plan when I started - just thought, OK, navy blue looks nice with the turquoise, then I noticed that the tomato red was the same color as some red buttons from my button stash. For the increases, I just use a rule of thumb to increase at a rate of 4 sts. per row, but increase only when there are 3 rows of the same color.

    Needles & Hooks

    • Circular 2.25mm (US 1)
    • Circular 2.75mm (US 2)


    • Buttons
    • Tapestry Needle
    Other : Size 1 needles for button bands. Size 2 for everything else.


    Notes: 18 months.
    Chest: 21 inches.
    Length: 12 inches.
    Sleeve: 7 inches.


    • Cardigans
    • Babies


    craft-knitting Knitting

    Skill Level

    difficulty Intermediate


    project-state In progress
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    • Denise M

      You did a great job with your design and your knitting skill is impressive. Yarns are such a great inspiration for me as well. I also have this thing for buttons and will design a knitting project around them. I love the fact you followed your own creativity and created something uniquely yours.
      • Christine L

        Thank you, Denise. The price on the little cardboard of buttons was 15 cents. Buttons stashed since 1970? It was time to use them.
    • Alison B


      Lovely cardigan and lovely colours. Beautiful design too 😊
      • Christine L

        Thank you, Alison. When left to my own devices, I will choose muted blue, green, grey and tan. So my daughter-in-law's gift yarn shocked me into more exciting colors.
    • Michelle M


      I love the colours you are using so pretty. Now I have to say your golden retriever is stunning what a beautiful colour coat and look at the wee face.
      • Christine L

        Thank you. My dog is a sweetheart. In UK countries I think the golden retrievers are light colored, but here in America, there are a lot of darker chestnut ones. Years ago, I had 2 Westies in addition to my beloved golden - so I quite like your knitted Westie.