Billowy Delight Scarf

I made this for my daughter

Created by: Christine L

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    This was fun to knit. The yarn is marvelous and pictures simply cannot capture the billowiness.. It is like wearing a cloud. The pattern is goof proof. If your stitch count gets off - it doesn't matter. You can even drop a stitch and this yarn refuses to unravel. Now here's the big downside, which I didn't realize until taking the pictures. It sheds a lot. My black jacket is wool and it was covered in fibers. You would only be able to use this scarf with a smooth fabric coat. A denim jacket is good, for example, or poplin fabric. Oh, one more comment. The color that I selected was sort of silvery dove gray on the website, but in person it is just light beige. No silver at all.


    Needles & Hooks

    • Circular 5.50mm (US 9) 40cm
    • Circular 3.25mm (US 3) 40cm
    Other : Single point needles would be fine also. I have a set of Knitpicks options circular needles and I just use them for everything. They were, however, not ideal for this yarn - too slippery and not pointy enough.


    • Tapestry Needle


    Notes: 88 inches long. The width varies because the billows result from switching between large needles and 80 sts. then using small needles and decreasing to 40 sts.


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    Started on: Apr 3, 2017 Finished on: Apr 28, 2017
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