Amigurumi giraffe toy

I made this for My 2 and a half year old son

Created by: Mrs S T

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    As if life wasn't busy enough with a newborn baby and a two and a half year old, i found myself offering to make my big boy his own giraffe to stop him making off with his new brother's giraffe comforter. An orange one. Ah well, at least I was canny enough to select a crochet pattern rather than knit, so it was something I could do mostly with one hand while the baby slept on me and his brother was in nursery.
    I decided to do the smaller giraffe available from this designer but using dk rather than 4 ply to make it the perfect size for little toddler hands.
    It was a good pattern to follow even for a newcomer to amigurumi and the designer quickly answered my question on the only part that confused me - which was down to my inexperience. My little boy loves it too.
    And the baby's comforter is safe once more!

    Needles & Hooks

    • Crochet Hook 3.00mm (US 2.5)



    Notes: Used DK for midi sized giraffe, about 7 inches tall.


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    craft-crochet Crochet

    Skill Level

    difficulty Beginner


    project-state Complete
    Finished on: Aug 3, 2017
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    • Alison B


      It’s lovely,you are very talented,a baby and a toddler and still able to crochet!! Take my hat off to you ! :)
      • Mrs S T

        Ah thank you. It was a bit crazy. I managed to make two small toys while the baby was small and often sleeping in my arms leaving one hand free to crochet. He's getting too busy now to let me get away with it any more. 😀