Queen size made with mothers love knitted blanket

I made this for My 17 year old daughter

Created by: Jodi (aussiemum)

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    She lives away from home and I wanted a light but warm blanket she could treasure for years that would remind her of a big warm cuddle from me and give her not only warmth but comfort her while she is living away from me

    Needles & Hooks

    • Single Point 8.00mm (US 11) 60cm


    Other : Didn't use any accessories but this blanket could have buttons or other decoration added for a more unique and personal touch


    Notes: Made it with 300 stitches on 8mm bamboo needles as these needles are easier and more comfortable for me to use with arthritis in my hands
    I measured the length against my bed as I knitted to get it to the queen size that I wanted as I was making this from scratch not with a pattern


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    craft-knitting Knitting

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    difficulty Beginner


    project-state In progress
    Started on: Jun 7, 2016
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    • Jodi (aussiemum)


      This blanket is nice and soft by using baby soft ply Aran wool. However it is very warm and not heavy like a lot of blankets which was a problem for my daughter
      I keep my lap warm with this as I knit and find I still get hot so have to move it
      I've also found this wool makes this blanket very soft and cosy as its not too chunky
      Have had requests off friends to make it for them and as its straight stocking stitch it's easy to knit and emphasises the gorgeous colour I've used
    • Louby Lou

      Looks so warm and cosy :) Cute cat!
      • Jodi (aussiemum)


        Lol don't let her looks deceive u. Crystal is such a princess diva with attitude worse than a teenage girl
        She's a rag doll x Birman who knows she's beautiful and we are currently in heated debates ab this blanket NOT belonging to her lol
      • Louby Lou

        @Jodi (aussiemum): She really is owning that blanket though!!!! :)
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