Poncho for young child

I made this for Millamia challenge

Created by: Anna H

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    Finished! I added little picot edging in crochet and sewed in all the ends.
    My husband said I needed better photos, so here they are. No child available, so had to use my model head (about same size as child).
    Can actually be worn either side, but I prefer the V-shape stitches.

    This is a fine cotton yarn and I wanted to make something that would show off the yarn and the stitches. One colour would just be boring, so I used 4. I am into making ponchos lately, but haven't made any really small ones. Hoping this works out when I put it all together. Will add more photos soon (now added). Hope to finish by 30 Sep.(Done!)
    It's a long time since I have worked with such small needles (3.50 mm) and I was surprised by how quickly it grew.
    I am going to add an edging, probably crocheted in the dark green, but haven't worked this out yet. Will be doing that tonight. I used a simple little picot edge (couple rows SC followed by picot (3 chain, 3 slip stitches).

    Needles & Hooks

    • Crochet Hook 3.50mm (US 4)
    • Single Point 3.50mm (US 4) 25cm


    Notes: Length from botton of neck to longest point on poncho is 33 cms.
    Length from neck to edge for arms is 23 cms.
    These measurements are taken for traditional triangle shape poncho.



    craft-knitting Knitting craft-crochet Crochet

    Skill Level

    difficulty Intermediate


    project-state Complete
    Started on: Sep 20, 2016 Finished on: Sep 27, 2016
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