Man's beanie

I made this for My husband

Created by: Susan E

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    I've never made anything for my husband before but, having seen a beanie that I'd crocheted for our granddaughter, he asked me to make one for him. First time knitting a beanie and first time using dpns!

    The pattern itself is pretty simple however I did find using dpns, once I switched from circular needles, a bit fiddly, guess I just need to practice more!

    I also made a mistake in the last cast off rows, I didn't read pattern properly and ended up knitting a couple of extra rows whichnhas resulted in a little bit of a pointy top!! Just means hubby needs to press the top down when putting it on 🙂. As the whole dpn bit had been so fiddly I just couldn't face trying to unpick.

    Needles & Hooks

    • Double Point 5.00mm (US 8) 15cm
    • Circular 5.00mm (US 8) 40cm



    Notes: I made the rib 3cm longer than pattern at request of my husband!

    Wool was 400g ball, only 100g used for hat


    • Hats
    • Men


    craft-knitting Knitting

    Skill Level

    difficulty Beginner


    project-state Complete
    Started on: Jan 15, 2018 Finished on: Jan 18, 2018
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