Hot water bottle cozy

I made this for The Mrs

Created by: Mark L

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    Had some leftover wool from a cardigan I made the Mrs so wanted something quick and easy to make without using too much wool, she does like her hotbots so after a quick google search I decided i'd give this a go.
    Unfortunately, perhaps because of the wool content, it does get quite damp and not so nice to the touch but i'm sure other wools might be more suited. It does look nice though!
    The only thing I changed from the pattern is the flap for removal as to be honest I couldn't be bothered, and once the bottle is empty it can be folded and squeezed out of the top anyway.

    Don't take the yarn count for gospel, it was leftover bits from a few balls so I haven't a clue how much yarn it took!


    Hot Water Bottle Cozy

    This pattern can be found here:

    Needles & Hooks

    • Circular 9.00mm (US 13) 100cm


    Notes: Hot water bottle size


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    difficulty Intermediate


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    Started on: Feb 15, 2019 Finished on: Feb 15, 2019
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