Praying Hands Illusion

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Praying Hands Illusion
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This illusion is based on a drawing by Albrecht Dürer. It is commonly known as The Praying Hands but is also known as Hands of the Apostle. The original drawing was a preparatory sketch, nearly five hundred years ago, for a painting on an altarpiece which was later destroyed in a fire. It was on blue paper, which is why I chose blue for the shawl. The image is often seen in the form of an engraving which is why I chose copper colours for the wall-hanging. The versions shown in the photos were made in Double Knitting (DK) yarns. You could use other yarns but this would change the overall size. The shawl is about 140 cm (56”) wide and 70 cm (28”) deep excluding the edging. The wall-hanging is about 48 cm (19”) wide and 70 cm (28”) high. The shawl is shown hanging on the wall. It is fixed to a long piece of wood which has Velcro stuck on it so it is very easy to take down when needed.
Steve Plummer
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Use any thickness of yarn with needles slightly smaller than you would usually use for your chosen yarn.
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