Arachnid Illusion

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Arachnid Illusion
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This may not be to everyone's taste but if you fancy a tarantula walking across your wall or back, this could be just the thing for you. When you look directly at the knitting you see only stripes. The spider is revealed when you move around. The pattern includes instructions for a wall-hanging (in photos) and a triangular shawl (not shown). You can use any yarn but a thicker, or thinner, yarn might change the overall size. The following details are for DK yarn. Wall- hanging Size: Width 70 cm (28”); height 40 cm (16”) Yarn: 220 metres (250 yards) of each colour (Extra required for border.) I used Stylecraft Special DK Shawl Size: Width 140 cm (56”); depth 70 cm (28”) Yarn: 400 metres (440 yards) of each colour. (Extra required for edgings.) The pattern has several versions of the chart, including some for phone and tablet users.
Steve Plummer
Downloadable PDF
You can use any brand and thickness of yarn in two contrasting colours. Use needles slightly thinner than usually recommended for your chosen yarn.
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