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Crochet Beaded Choker Necklace

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Crochet Beaded Choker Necklace
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Product Details

I have designed this easy beaded crochet choker pattern with basic crochet stitches using US terminology of chains, single crochet and half double crochets so it is not complicated but still has an overall affect of looking fabulous. For UK crocheters there is a stitch conversion for you. This gorgeous original handmade design crochet cotton choker will look great on the beach, at your next festival or just something you can throw on and wear every day. The pattern has instructions for 3 basic sizes of small, medium and large. There is some flexibility with these sizes as the choker will stretch and move with you. To see the sizing measurements, please refer to the sizing below. All sizes for this choker have a 22cm tie on each side. SMALL: Choker length 20cm (Total length = 64cm) MEDIUM: Choker length 24cm (Total length = 68cm) LARGE: Choker length 28cm (Total length = 72cm) CHOKER WIDTH: All chockers in this design are 32mm in width.

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You will need the following beads: Small: 9 Medium: 10 Large: 11.
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