A King's Stitch - Scarf

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A King's Stitch - Scarf
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Being gifted something that is handmade, to me, is one of the most sentimental fortunes I could ever receive. The sheer thought of someone creating something from the kindness of their heart with yourself in mind is such a pure thought concept that could make any day just that little bit better. Even the tiniest of thoughts could make one’s view on life so much brighter. What also inspired me to use the colours that I did was my love for snakes. I called the scarf, ‘The King’s Stitch’ as the colours represent to me the delicate but bold pattern that the all mighty King-snake adorns. Snakes, to me, have always represented a life of simplicity and wisdom, to fear and be feared and the elegance of movement through efforts most minor. Their pointed tails trail through their past as they head through towards their future, a being most common to not turn back, as I believe humans should take note and follow heed.


Michaela Joanne Gainfort-Moore
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