Ivy Cardigan

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    I picked up stitches around the neckline and knitted rows in garter stitch to match the hemline. It strengthened the neckline as the cardigan was annoying for me to wear without it as it kept slipping off my shoulders.



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    • Davina W

      I am knitting this garment for myself and take note about your adjustment for the neck - I think it would annoy me too so I will do the same - Ive started it a few times now but feel there is no body to the yarn and appears ‘sloppy’ on the 5 mm - dont know whether to reduce the needle size but increase the number of stitches - this is the first time ive used Paintbox yarns - how did you find it?? Davina
      • Christy R

        Hi Davina- I’ve just checked my pattern notes and I actually used 6mm needles which was the size required after knitting my tension square. My knitting does come up quite tight though and I usually need to go up a needle size. I would say knit to the size required on your tension square and you should be fine. I wouldn’t adjust the stitch count. It will feel loose but the pattern is meant to be like that.
      • Davina W

        @Christy R: I have done the fronts and just pulling the back out to start again - I really don’t like this yarn - its doing my head in - such an easy pattern too but I am really struggling with it but I will soldier on and get it finished
    • Judy L

      That is just beautiful
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