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    I have 56 years and after 27 years in one company I was released from the position of TML, with the words that I am a good person and goodness are paying the price. Knitting and crocheting is my love, so I want to fulfill your dream and do business in this area, although Slovakia is still not appreciated hand work and live in an area with 35% unemployment. Never mind, I'll do it for all I can do so and can also help other people to not lose hope and joy of living a difficult life situation can be changed to fulfill his dream. . It's worth it, right? Excuse my English, except my tongue to speak Russian and English, French is not :-) Big Smile all :-). And at that time I discovered this wonderful site with such a wonderful yarn :-) that develop creativity, imagination. I believe the signs and at a time when we think give the name of my actions "knitted and crocheted yoga our grandmothers," I see that in this spirit, proclaiming competition :-). Do Everything I do, I put heart and God hel



    • Double Point 6.00mm (US 10) 20cm


    Notizen Select I do not yarn, not like there's nothing to send.King Cole Gypsy Super Chunky - Colour Majestic (097)


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    craft-knitting Stricken


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