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    My mother had taught me how to knit as a child and following some personal tragedy in 2013 i need to find away to overcome my grief on several levels. I started knitting hats, scarfs and capes using Debbie bliss cashmerino wool colour Kingfisher. I chose this colour as I was in period in my life where there too many personal tragedy and this bright colour really lifted me out of the grief. Since then i have been knitting consistently doing various patterns or making my own patterns, transforming balls of walls into beautiful pieces. I have found it very therapeutic and has enabled me to embrace life as it comes.



    • Single Point 5.00mm (US 8) 20cm


    • Maschenmarkierer


    • Mützen
    • Loopschals
    • Schals
    • Frauen


    craft-knitting Stricken


    difficulty Fortgeschritten

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