Basketweave Toe Up Socks

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    R1, R2: K
    R3, R4: (K2, P2)
    R5, R6: K
    R7, R8: (P2, K2)

    Usual rounded toe - co 14 stitches per needle, increasing to 32, 8 rows of plain, then start pattern.
    At 7.25 inches (7.5 pattern repeats) do FLK heel. I haven’t added any extra stitches on the sole this time as the pattern is quite stretchy but I find that it can create a little gap between needles after doing the heel as the stitches stretch. I’ve picked up a stitch between the needles to tighten up that gap.
    Inch of plain after heel (1.5 patt reps at front) then start pattern rep all round leg. Go as long as possible before boredom sets in (6 pattern repeats), 2 rows knit, then do 16 rows 2x2 rib for cuff, and cast off loosely on the 16th row.


    • Circular 2.00mm (US 0) 100cm


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