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Two Color Portugese Cowl

PDF-Anleitung, Englisch
Two Color Portugese Cowl
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I belong to a knitting guild (The High Tide Purlers) comprised of dozens of wonderful, talented “knitting sisters.” As a gift to them I’ll be offering a workshop on Portugese/Peruvian/Andean style knitting, which isn’t content with just these three names. It’s also known as Bosnian, Greek, Turkish style knitting … to name a few. This type of knitting is worked on the purl side of a piece, with the yarn wrapped around the neck or through a knitting pin. It’s an efficient, easy way to knit and I use it exclusively when I do Fair Isle knitting in the round. The method results in an even stitch tension and the “flows” pretty much strand themselves.

I designed my Two Color Portugese Cowl for the class and I’d like to share this free pattern with you. If you prefer to work the cowl on the outside, primarily in the knit stitch, carrying the floats on the back of the work, that’s fine! I’ve included instructions for that too.

As with all my designs, if you have a
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