Star Wars Throw Crochet Graphghan Pattern

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Suitable for single crochet, Tunisian stitch, Entrelac and c2c (corner-to-corner).

If using the c2c (corner-to-corner) method and a 4.5mm crochet hook, you will find that a 4 x 4" square works out to approximately a 6 x 6 set of c2c stitches.

Single crochet will, of course, come out smaller and cross-stitch - smaller still.

If working c2c, start in the bottom right-hand corner and work diagonally (i.e. start with 1-1 (towards the right), then move to 2-2 (work towards the left "i.e. the bottom of the pattern").

For a great tutorial on how to work the c2c stitch, go to YouTube and search for "corner to corner crochet crowd":

Note: The white grid markers in the pattern provide a grid reference for you to work from - assisting you in keeping count of your stitches.

Additional Note: No wool quantities or colour shades or dye lots are included in this pattern. The aim is to provide full creative license to the user of this pat

Independent Designer
Cheryl Humphreys
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