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The Christmas Holiday reminds us of the traditional visit of Santa Claus to your miniature world. I have designed this pattern, available in pdf format, for the average knitter to attempt using standard yarn and needles. Instructions for these outfits are given to fit regular-sized adult Sylvanian Families (© acknowledged Flair Ltd) about 3½ inches tall. Standard Calico Critters and Forest Families figurines should also be able to wear this costume. The yarn required is regular 4ply fingering (or yarn sold as sock yarn and designed for knitting with size 2mm needles) in red, black and white. The white yarn may be thinner, right down to 1ply cobweb, and to give a furry effect the white trims should be brushed after completion. I made the beard in white sport DK yarn, but 2 strands of white 4ply (or several strands of 2ply or cobweb) worked as a single strand would give a good effect. For the sack, use any suitably coloured 4ply yarn with size 4mm (or 4.5mm or 3.5mm!) needles.

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