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Nose-up Catnip Mouse

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All proceeds from the pattern are donated to animal charities.

I have updated and refined my "Nose-Up" Catnip Mouse Toy from my "Projects for Leftover Sock Yarn" pattern and am offering it as a stand-alone pattern because I've gotten so many requests for just this pattern. I am charging a nominal fee so that I may add any money I make from the pattern to my regular donations to animal charities.

The beauty of this pattern is that it is seamless. Not only does that make it faster and (I think) easier to make, but it makes it stronger and more impervious to rough play from kitties: There is no weak spot where they can tear it open

You can use any weight of wool to knit a mouse, ranging from fingering to worsted. I’ve offered alternate numbers for fingering, sport or DK, and worsted weight yarn. They are not a hard and fast rule, but a guide. You can change the rate of increase, the number of stitches you increase to, and where you place the ears. Want a short plump mouse?

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