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Recently I visited Knitting Temptations, a charming yarn shop in Dublin, Ohio. As I was checking out, the owner, Karen, asked me if I had ever heard of Reywa yarn (I hadn’t). She then proceeded to place in front of me the most heavenly yarn I have ever touched. Reywa is made with Yak fiber–which is so soft it simply must be experienced. She then explained that her shop was hosting an event featuring this yarn and would I like to design something for it? Oh My! Yes PLEASE! Once my inner sensualist stopped purring my brain got to work. What to make??

She gave me two skeins of Reywa Bloom in the natural colorway (a lace weight yak/silk blend). I knew that whatever I made with this decadent yarn would have to be worn around the neck and/or face–perhaps over bare shoulders? I quickly settled on a stole–something bridal and lacy!

I knew the experience of working with this yarn would be practically spiritual and I didn’t want it sullied by annoyances in the knitting

Unabhängiger Designer
Jodie Gordon Lucas
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