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This is my favorite scarf pattern to date. The simplicity in construction and design, the variety of different ways it can be worn and how creative you can get while picking out yarn make it the perfect go-to scarf.

The Button Cowl doesn’t have any buttonholes, instead the buttons go right through the knit, so you can put them where ever you want. It can be buttoned straight along the seam to make a classic cowl, the buttons can be grouped all in one corner to make more of a kerchief scarf, or only one or two of the buttons could be done up for something completely different.

With this pattern it is recommended to use your imagination when it comes to the yarn you choose. Time to dig through that stash! Generally, this pattern works very well if you use a strand of bulky or super bulky as the base, a strand or two of worsted or similar to add some depth and maybe something superfine to add a little pop. Try using different shades of the same colour for a great monochromatic piece, maybe add in something self striping or variegated, something with a unique texture or have all the yarns completely different.

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