3 Wise Owls Cushion Cover

PDF-Anleitung, Englisch, Französisch
5,55 €
3 Wise Owls Cushion Cover
5,55 €
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3 wise old owls, all sitting in a row and waiting to come to your house. They are so cute and would make great presies for others; alternatively you could just keep them for yourself!

The pattern is easy/intermediate, and would suit a confident beginner or more experienced knitter. The very simple cable is explained in detail, and other skills needed are - cast/bind on and off, knit, purl, knit2together, knit into the front and back of a stitch, and sewing up. Line by line instructions are given, in English with British/American terms and a French pattern follows the English one. It is possible to print off the one you want - each is numbered separately.

This is an envelope cover, with buttons and buttonholes to enable easy insertion of the cushion.

Any superchunky yarn should knit up fine, as long as the tension is correct. Drops Snow Uni Colour yarn has been used in the photo - I have listed a few suitable alternatives.

Hope you have fun with this trendy and fast owlie cushion!

The Lonely Sea - Heather C
Englisch, Französisch
6 buttons and matching thread for the eyes approx. 13mm/0.5in, and matching cotton thread for the 3 big buttons.

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